Wardrobe Planning and Audit

iStock_000009715702Small Your success and overall happiness is impacted every day by what you wear. Imagine how it would feel to be styled every day in your most flattering look. The wardrobe assessment can provide you that and more! This assessment takes one to three hours (determined by size of wardrobe) and includes looking through all wardrobe items, pulling out unworn, outdated and items that don’t fit.This personalized wardrobe session is ideal for those who:

  • Feeling ‘stuck’ in life and looking to reinvent their image
  • Having challenges finding employment
  • Only wear a small amount of their wardrobe
  • Feel like you never know what to wear

What to expect:

  • An increase in self-confidence
  • To look younger, thinner, and taller for petite clients
  • Honest and professional feedback to enhance your look
  • Tips for dressing for your body-type and lifestyle
  • Style tips to combine basic wardrobe essentials with other classic pieces and trends
  • A personalized shopping list of missing wardrobe items
  • Multiple outfits paired together from your remaining wardrobe