About Cindy

Cindy Roemer is a Toronto based Employment & Style Coach, Speaker, Trainer, who has inspired and taught thousands of executives, individuals and business owners to look and feel their best.

Cindy is also a regular guest expert in the media with TV appearances on Breakfast Television, Daytime Toronto, and Sun Media. Further, she is a featured writer and Editor with various online magazines.

Cindy’s Guarantee:
“When you make your image a priority in your life:
You are more SUCCESSFUL in your career and earn more money.
You are happier and healthier.”

Cindy’s expertise lies in her creative abilities to put together the perfect look for her client’s silhouettes and lifestyles (business and personal), as well as providing them with the tools and knowledge to create their best look every day. Cindy shows her clients that they can work with any budget to look polished and fashionable and works with all forms of budgets from ‘frugal’ through to ‘outrageous’.