Thriving in the Workplace: What does your Style say about you?

Thriving in the Workplace: What does your Style say about you?

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If you looked in the mirror which statement would be correct?


  1. You forgot to iron your shirt this morning so you brought the wrinkled look back but you pat yourself on the back because you remembered deodorant.
  2. You wear jeans to the office 5 days a week because you can get away with it even though it’s not part of the dress code.
  3. You walk out the door and do a twirl and give yourself a wink because you feel good about your professional image.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if you chose either of the first two. This article is designed to help you get to #3.


I have trained 1000’s of women on how image impacts success. I have also interviewed 100’s and the proof is in the handbag! Less than 50% of women really understand image! So imagine being part of the 50% that do. You have access to a lot more opportunity for success, happiness and personal fulfillment. So now it’s time to get the other 50% caught up.


For those of you out of work and looking make sure you put in the extra effort on a daily basis. You never know where that next opportunity lies. More than 50% of jobs are NOT listed. They come through random connections and people you know. Your next dream job could be the girl in front of you in the Winner’s line. Take the time to invest in you because you are worth it!


Follow these success tips:


  • If you are job searching NEVER wear jeans even if they are your favourite JBrands. They are too casual for any interview including the retail industry.
  • What do you do when your interviewer is dressed really causally and you are wearing your power suit? Simply remove your jacket. Problem solved.
  • Remember less distractions the better so easy on the body spray, makeup and jewelery. Colour should be limited for interviews because it can be distracting. If you are being interviewed by someone who is very visual you must not miss details like the run in your nylons.
  • If you are more interested in a promotion make sure you are looking the part of the role that you want to win. If you manage people don’t dress more casual then they do and consider wearing a business casual blazer even if you are in a more relaxed environment.
  • Don’t wear outdated wardrobe because it will give others the perception that your skills are outdated and you are not open to change.
  • If you are in a very formal corporate office like a law firm, bank or accounting firm make sure you pay strict attention to the corporate dress code. It changes and you need to take it seriously. Corporate means conservative which doesn’t mean: stiletto heels, cleavage, over-sized jewelery, long and bright bejewelled nails, skipping nylons, seeing your bra through your white shirt, wearing bright colours and big patterns.


Don’t forget that you can still look stylish, polished and professional at the same time. Here are a few suggestions on my favourite business attire and accessory brands that are unique and not found at your local department store:

  • One of my newest favourite hand-bag lines for executives is Nella Bella – chic and sophisticated but it’s also 100% vegan!

Nella Bella Sutton Soho-Black Bag

DUKE-M018B-NU SOHO-Red-$49

Duke Soho Red Bag

  • If you are looking for stylish and sophisticated work pieces such as pants, blazers, skirts and dresses, visit Toronto shop Periphery.


Just remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.