What Men REALLY want for Valentine’s Day…So ladies how did you do?

What Men REALLY want for Valentine’s Day…So ladies how did you do?

Ladies I teamed up with Erfan Mahour, Men’s Lifestyle Coach and found of www.tailoredchap.com, to find out What Do Men REALLY Want For Valentine’s Day?
So let’s see how you did shall we?

“Getting gifts for a man on Valentine’s Day has always seemed a little odd to me. The holiday has such a female slant to it that getting a guy chocolates (though everyone loves chocolates), a teddy bear, flowers, underwear, or anything else would seem odd.

That being said, when it comes to men, whatever gift you were thinking of getting him for his birthday or another occasion can be given for Valentine’s Day instead. In a recent survey conducted by Your Tango, a whopping 70% of men said that all they want for Valentine’s Day is sex. That should make giving a gift rather easy to do.

But say that’s a given and you really want to see him tearing open wrapping paper to find a gift you personally picked out for him, what can you get him?

Breakfast In Bed
No gift wrap required for this one. His favourite breakfast served up in bed is a great Valentine’s Day gift.
The things you can make are endless, and no matter what it is, there’s always a healthy version of it. Whether it’s Waffles, Crepes, French Toast, Pancakes, etc, if it’s homemade and you’re using healthy ingredients, indulge yourselves.

A Massage
Everyone loves to be pampered, and a gift card for a nice massage is a great gift that he’ll thoroughly enjoy. Make the appointment for him early in the morning and go out for a brunch afterwards.

A Stylish Gym Bag
For most guys working out, their gym back is an old backpack or duffle bag. Help him upgrade his style with a stylish gym bag that can also be used for other needs.

Take Him Out To His Favourite Restaurant
While traditionally men take their lady out for dinner, don’t feel as though you can’t take your man out for a nice meal at his favourite restaurant. Even if you’re not a fan of the place, only a few things can make a man really happy, and one of them is having a stomach full of their favourite food.

A Stylish Money Clip To Replace His George Costanza Wallet
If he’s still hanging on to that massive, destroyed wallet, get a him a nice money clip that’ll only hold his most important things, and more importantly, get rid of that huge bulge in his back pocket.

Deluxe Shaving Kit
Guys hate shaving. It’s an annoying task that destroys our skin and takes far too long to get done in the mornings.
A deluxe shaving kit with premium products can really help take the burn out of it and give him a nice smooth shave that won’t have you fearing his prickly face when he comes in for a kiss.
Also, keep in mind how long you’ve been together. If you recently started dating, don’t go overboard and scare him away. If you’ve been together for less than 6 months, keep it small, but something that he’ll still enjoy.

If you’ve been together for a while you’ll definitely know that it gets harder to surprise him.

My suggestion? Get him a gift card to something he’s never done before, like jumping out of an airplane or something that’s a hobby of his that he would love to do with professionals for a day.”

Erfan Mahjour, the creator of Tailored Chap, is a men’s lifestyle coach based out of Vancouver, Canada. He has helped countless men turn their lives around to become confident men that attract high value women. To read Erfan’s blog: www.tailoredchap.com

Ladies I’d love to know if you scored 10 out of 10. Let me know what you did for Valentine’s Day by leaving a comment below. Hope it was a memorable day.